Wade Barrett’s Fiery Response to Possible WWE Comeback Against GUNTHER: Absolutely Not!

Former WWE superstar Wade Barrett has made it clear that he has no intentions of returning to the ring to face the current Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER. In a recent interview on the Even Stronger podcast, Barrett expressed his reluctance to compete against the record-breaking champion.

When asked about his health and the possibility of a return to wrestling, Barrett firmly stated, “Hell no! I’m not getting in the ring with Gunther, I can promise you that.” It seems that Barrett has no desire to test his skills against the formidable champion.

Barrett’s decision is not surprising considering his previous comments about GUNTHER’s in-ring abilities. In a July interview, Barrett praised the champion, stating that he believes there are no weaknesses in GUNTHER’s game. He described GUNTHER as a dominant force in the ring, making it clear why he has no interest in facing him.

It’s worth noting that Barrett’s comments were transcribed by Fightful, who originally reported on the Even Stronger podcast.

For more details on Barrett’s thoughts on GUNTHER and his decision to not return to the ring, you can read the full article on Wrestling Headlines here. In addition, you can also find Barrett’s previous interview discussing GUNTHER’s skills here.

As of now, it seems that Wade Barrett’s wrestling career is firmly in the past, and fans will have to wait and see if he ever changes his mind about stepping back into the ring. For now, GUNTHER can continue his reign as Intercontinental Champion without the threat of a challenge from Barrett.

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