Seth Rollins Outraged as Chicago Bears Kick Off NFL Season with Disappointing 0-1 Start

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It’s that time of the year again when Seth Rollins’ love/hate relationship with football takes center stage. The world heavyweight champion is known for expressing his emotions about the sport on social media, proclaiming his love when his favorite team, the Chicago Bears, secures a victory and expressing his disdain when they suffer a loss. As the first week of the NFL season kicked off, so did the Bears, facing off against their long-time rivals, the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately for Rollins and his beloved Bears, the Packers emerged victorious with a score of 38-20, leaving the Bears with a disappointing 0-1 start to the year.

Rollins wasted no time in expressing his disappointment, taking to Twitter to share his feelings. He simply tweeted, “I hate football.” This tweet from the champion has sparked curiosity among fans and wrestling enthusiasts, wondering if Rollins’ love for football will ever be rekindled.

Wrestling Headlines, a trusted source for all things professional wrestling, will be closely monitoring Seth Rollins’ relationship with football, providing regular updates on whether he will ever learn to love the sport again. As the season progresses, fans will eagerly await Rollins’ social media posts after each Bears game, hoping for a change of heart and a renewed love for the game.

For more updates on Seth Rollins’ ongoing love/hate relationship with football, make sure to visit Wrestling Headlines. Stay tuned for the latest news and developments surrounding the world heavyweight champion and his journey with the Chicago Bears.

There’s always next week, champ. Perhaps a win in the upcoming game will reignite Rollins’ passion for football and bring back his love for the sport.

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