Shocking Allegations: Matt Riddle’s Disturbing Experience at JFK Airport Revealed

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An investigation is underway involving WWE star Matt Riddle at JFK Airport in New York City.

According to a report by TMZ, Riddle took to Instagram to share a now-deleted post in which he alleged sexual assault and harassment during his time at JFK Airport. The post, which included a photo of a Port Authority Police Officer, read, “Nothing like being sexually assaulted by an officer and harassed at JFK Airport. No means no, and just because I’m nice doesn’t mean yes!!! A**hole!!! I don’t know their Twitter or Instagram handles, but I took pictures. Normally, I’m nonchalant, but today was exceptionally bizarre and discomforting, with deliberate attempts to belittle and humiliate me. This ranks among my most unsettling travel experiences. Thanks NYC, for your supposed progressiveness and acceptance!”

This deleted post by Matt Riddle has since prompted an official investigation. Law enforcement sources revealed that Port Authority officers were summoned due to reports of a disorderly person disembarking from a plane, and they subsequently encountered Riddle in the terminal. It is worth noting that an official police report was never filed, and Riddle, who exhibited apologetic behavior, was allowed to leave the scene. However, he later took to social media to post about the alleged sexual assault.

Riddle has since made a new post on social media stating that he has finally left JFK and never wants to return.

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Wrestling Headlines will continue to provide updates on this developing story.

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