Tim Storm Receives Lucrative Japanese Proposals to Relinquish NWA World Championship

NWA star Tim Storm recently revealed in an interview with Post Wrestling that there were offers for him to drop the NWA World’s Title to someone in Japan while he was still the champion. However, these offers were ultimately turned down by NWA owner Billy Corgan. This decision to keep the title with Storm reflects the importance of maintaining the prestige and respect of a major championship.

During the interview, Storm mentioned that historically, there have been instances where champions have been offered to drop their titles in other promotions. He cited examples such as Jerry Brisco and Harley Race, who were offered a significant amount of money to drop the title to Giant Baba in Japan but ultimately won it back shortly after. Storm acknowledged that there were multiple offers for him to drop the NWA World Title in Japan, with varying amounts of money involved. However, he believed that constantly changing champions would diminish the meaning and respect of the title.

Storm expressed his satisfaction with working with Nick Aldis during his time as the NWA World Champion. He highlighted the unique respect and admiration that the Japanese fans have for the NWA Champion, making it a special experience to compete in Japan as the titleholder. Storm mentioned that while the offers to drop the title in Japan were tempting due to the considerable amount of money involved, he never seriously considered it because the NWA World Title meant too much to him.

Additionally, Storm revealed that there were some individuals in other states who wanted him to drop the title to their own wrestlers or even to them personally. However, he dismissed these requests as a joke and did not entertain the idea. Storm also mentioned that there were attempts to manipulate the situation by suggesting that he was originally planned to drop the title to someone else before Corgan took over the NWA. However, Storm clarified that Corgan had no intention of going through with those plans.

In the interview, Storm also discussed the possibility of transitioning to a backstage role in the NWA. This indicates that he may be considering a shift in his career within the promotion. You can read more about Storm’s potential transition here.

Overall, Tim Storm’s revelation about the offers to drop the NWA World Title in Japan sheds light on the behind-the-scenes negotiations and decisions that shape the professional wrestling industry. It emphasizes the importance of upholding the prestige and integrity of championship titles, even when lucrative opportunities arise.

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