Tim Storm Drops Bombshell: NWA in Discussions for Mind-Blowing Transition to Backstage Role!

Former NWA World’s Champion, Tim Storm, recently discussed his potential future with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in an interview with Andrew Thompson from Post Wrestling. Storm revealed that he is being considered for a backstage role within the promotion and has already been involved in agenting a few matches.

During the interview, Storm expressed his willingness to transition to a backstage role, stating, “Yes, to all of that (if he could see himself transitioning to a backstage role). There’s been lots of discussion off and on because I don’t know, I don’t know how long this has been now. Five or six years? It’s been discussed about Talent Relations. Pat Kenney’s there now. He does a fantastic job. I’ve agented a few matches but now if you say, okay, well look who we have agenting matches, we’re not talking about good wrestlers. We’re talking about wrestling legends.”

Storm also mentioned other agents for NWA, including wrestling legends Jazz, Madusa, and Homicide. He praised their skills and expressed his desire to learn from them, saying, “Homicide, Madusa has been there, Jazz, who should be in the Hall of Fame… I work with her for another organization and I agent matches with that one but I learn from her every time. She should be in the Hall of Fame and she may be the baddest — you know her catch line but she was one of the baddest women in wrestling for a long time… When you look at those people… I don’t fit into those categories. Someday, maybe. I’m gonna keep learning.”

Despite not competing as regularly as before, Storm has remained a key player in the NWA as a commentator. His experience and knowledge of the industry make him a valuable asset to the promotion, both in and out of the ring.

For the full interview with Tim Storm, check out the video below:

With talks of Storm transitioning to a backstage role, it will be interesting to see how his potential new role unfolds within the NWA. As a former world champion and respected figure in the wrestling community, Storm’s insights and contributions could greatly benefit the promotion’s future endeavors.

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