Thunder Rosa Shares Emotional Battle: Suicidal Thoughts While Out of Action, Uncertainty Around In-Ring Future.

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I didn’t have control over it. And that was just the worst part.

Thunder Rosa opened up about her time away from AEW due to injury, discussing the toll it has taken on her mental health and revealing she’s had suicidal thoughts. She spoke about the lack of control she has over her situation and how it has been difficult for her. Hyperlinks: Busted Open Radio, Google. Professional wrestling is a demanding sport that can take a toll on an athlete’s physical and mental health. Facing constant criticism and unrealistic expectations can make it difficult for wrestlers to prioritize their own wellbeing, such as when one wrestler made the decision to prioritize their health despite uncertain consequences. Hyperlinks: 1) Mental Health 2) Physical Health Paige reflects on her experience of immense pressure and difficulty while having to take time off due to injury and the challenges of social media. She admits that she wanted to take her own life due to the difficult situation. She is thankful for the support of her family and team. Pro-Wrestling News, Wrestling Inc Rosa Mendes discussed her emotional recovery from an injury that caused her to relinquish the WWE Women’s Championship. She credited her son for helping her cope with the injury and letting things go, and discussed people not believing the legitimacy of her injury due to not seeing it happen with their own eyes.

Wrestling Inc: Rosa Mendes Discusses Emotional Recovery From Injury

Cage Side Seats: Rosa Mendes Discusses Emotional Recovery From Injury Randy Orton suffered an injury and struggled to cope with the constant messages and questions from people regarding his health. He took time away from social media to focus on his recovery. [Hyperlink 1]([Hyperlink 2]( Professional wrestler Chris Jericho discusses how he dealt with personal issues through therapy, medication, and meditation. He also emphasizes his decision to avoid using alcohol, drugs, and painkillers. Hyperlinks to Chris Jericho: [Chris Jericho]( [Meditation]( Her advice to others who are struggling to cope is to take it one minute at a time and focus on finding joy in the present moment. She also recommends finding support online and in therapy.

Rosa Mendes talks about her struggles with mental health and offers advice to those with similar issues: take it one minute at a time and focus on finding joy in the present moment. She also advises seeking support online and in therapy. Hyperlinks: [therapy]( and [online support](

This text reflects on the difficulty of overcoming emotional trauma. It conveys a journey to healing by finding one’s voice and self. Hyperlinks provided: [Mental Health Support]( and [Finding Your Voice]( Professional wrestler Chris Jericho discusses his current struggles due to not being able to compete in the ring. Despite the challenges he faces, he is determined to move forward and continue to better himself and his environment. Chris Jericho’s website, WWE com/2020/09/03/video-thunder-rosa-discusses-the-mentally-tough-journey-back-from-ankle-injury/”>Post Wrestling)

Thunder Rosa revealed her struggles with a mental recovery from an ankle injury, despite her physical recovery. She painted half of her face for matches as a way to cope. Read more about her story and her reason for wearing face paint here (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling). Thunder Rosa spoke candidly about her mental struggles while sidelined with an injury, including having suicidal thoughts. Her in-ring future is still uncertain. Read more at Wrestling Headlines and Post Wrestling.

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