GUNTHER Excited for Potential Matchup With Roman Reigns: Its One Of The Biggest Fights Fans Are Eagerly Anticipating

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GUNTHER on a potential match with Roman Reigns.

GUNTHER believes a match against Roman Reigns is a highly anticipated matchup for fans, but not one that needs to happen immediately. He mentioned this in an interview with Mike Jones here. GUNTHER is focused on his current work, but acknowledges a match between himself and Reigns is something fans are eager to see.”>Post Wrestling. GUNTHER was drafted to Raw in the 2023 WWE Draft, and has held the championship since June of 2022. He shared his thoughts on a potential match with Reigns, noting that it is “definitely one of the matches that fans are looking forward to”. Read more about GUNTHER’s thoughts here: GUNTHER On Possible Match Against Roman Reigns: “Definitely One Of The Matches That Fans Are Looking Forward To”. com/2023/05/31/news-gunther-on-his-possible-match-with-roman-reigns/”>Post Wrestling)

Mike Jones GUNTHER talks about possibly squaring off against WWE Champion Roman Reigns in the future. He states there is no rush, as they are both busy doing their own thing. He was drafted to Raw in the 2023 WWE Draft and has held the Intercontinental Championship since June 2022. Read more about the 2023 WWE Draft and learn more about GUNTHER’s possible match with Roman Reigns. Gunther responded to the idea of a match between him and Roman Reigns saying “I think there’s no rush with that” in an interview with <a href="https://www.postwrestling. Gunther expressed that he feels there is no need to rush a potential match between him and Roman Reigns. He believes that the match could happen eventually when the timing is right.

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