Strong Style Surges Ahead in Best of Seven Series!

The Best of Seven Series between Strong Style and Yuji Nagata, Shota Umino, and Master Wato continues to heat up as Strong Style takes a 1-0 lead after two intense matches. The latest clash took place on September 17 in Fukuoka, and it was a thrilling encounter that showcased the talents of both teams.

The match started with the junior heavyweights, as Wato and Desperado faced off. Wato tried to start fast, but Desperado cleverly frustrated him by taking a time out on the floor. The aggression then shifted to Narita and Umino, who engaged in a fierce exchange. Narita came out on top with a high neckbreaker drop, but Umino fought back with a dropkick.

As the match progressed, Nagata joined the fray, and chaos ensued. The action spilled outside the ring, and Narita found himself trapped in the wrong corner. Despite the odds stacked against him, Narita showed resilience and continued to fight back. Meanwhile, Nagata and Suzuki renewed their rivalry, exchanging brutal blows. Nagata managed to score with a snap exploder, but Suzuki’s pride prevented him from backing down.

Desperado and Wato then took their turn in the ring, and the intensity reached new heights. Wato unleashed a springboard uppercut and followed up with Recientemente after Desperado escaped Vendeval. However, Strong Style quickly intervened to break up the pin and create confusion. Seizing the opportunity, Desperado dropped Wato with a spinebuster and locked in Numero Dos. Wato managed to escape, but Desperado executed Pinche Loco to secure the victory for Strong Style. The match ended with Suzuki choking out Nagata, adding insult to injury.

The next match in the series will take place on September 25 at a non-televised live event in Nagoya. The stakes are high as Yuji Nagata, Shota Umino, and Master Wato look to even the score against Strong Style. Fans can catch the replay of the latest match here.

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