Ospreay Dominates in Celebratory Victory on Marufuji’s 25th NOAH Anniversary

IWGP UK Champ Will Ospreay continues his winning streak with another high-profile victory, this time against Naomichi Marufuji on his 25th career anniversary. The dream match took place in Korakuen Hall and was met with rapturous chants for Marufuji from the sold-out crowd.

The match started with a handshake of mutual respect, followed by an intense exchange of holds and strikes. Marufuji showcased his infamous chops, leaving Ospreay reeling. However, the IWGP UK Champion quickly retaliated with a stinging blow that sent Marufuji tumbling off the top rope to the floor.

Ospreay took advantage of the situation and stayed on the offensive, pinging Marufuji off the ringside steel. But Marufuji didn’t stay down for long, finding an opportunity to turn the tables with a springboard move that sent Ospreay off the apron. The match continued with both competitors displaying their athleticism and high-flying abilities.

Ospreay stunned Marufuji with a Tiger Wall flip and a handspring overhead before delivering a springboard forearm for a near fall. Marufuji attempted to respond with kicks, but Ospreay’s speed proved too much. Ospreay further compounded the damage with a Sky Twister Press to the floor.

The match reached a critical point when Ospreay attempted a dangerous Stormbreaker on the ring frame. However, Marufuji countered with a Shiranui, sending Ospreay spilling to the floor. Marufuji then mirrored Ospreay’s earlier move, springboarding across the ring with a dropkick.

As the pace quickened, both competitors exchanged brutal chops before Marufuji found a hook kick. Ospreay attempted another powerbomb, but Marufuji countered with a cutter and a second Shiranui. The match intensified as both competitors displayed their resilience.

Ospreay landed a rare Robinson Special and followed it up with an OsCutter, but Marufuji kicked out at two. Seeking to finish the job, Ospreay headed to the top rope, only to be met by Marufuji. Marufuji scored with a Shiranui Kai Spanish Fly, but Ospreay kicked out at one.

In a display of his veteran Mitsuharu Misawa’s offense, Marufuji fired back with a knee and a Tiger Flowsion for a near fall. Despite running through his toughest offense, Marufuji failed to secure the win. Ospreay delivered a Hidden Blade to the front and back of Marufuji’s head, leaving the veteran reeling.

Marufuji kicked out of the Hidden Blade to the delight of the Korakuen crowd, but he couldn’t escape the Stormbreaker. Ospreay picked up yet another victory over one of the world’s best wrestlers, further solidifying his status as the IWGP UK Champion.

With this win under his belt, Ospreay now looks ahead to his upcoming title defense against Yota Tsuji in Kobe on September 24. Wrestling fans eagerly await this exciting matchup as Ospreay continues to prove himself as one of the top talents in the industry.

Source: NJPW1972.com

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