Robbie Eagles challenges for ROH gold

Eagles tests Claudio Castagnoli on ROH TV

Ring of Honor on Honor Club May 4 saw a big challenge for Robbie Eagles, as the TMDK member faced ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli for his title.

Castagnoli started with an easy power takedown on Eagles, but the TMDK member was able to bounce back with a double wrist take down and then a tijeras, frustrating the champion who responded with a release vertical suplex.

Now Castagnoli was in charge, grounding Eagles with an armbar and using all his size for leverage to make sure the Sniper couldn’t get off the mat. When the champion looked to deal a big slam to his opponent however, Eagles would escape out the back door, going to the knee with a chop block and following with a suicida con giro to the floor, bringing the crowd to its feet.

Looking to soften up for the Ron Miller Special, Eagles hit his springboard dropkick and eventually finding the hold; though Castagnoli quickly found the ropes, Eagles stayed on offence, getting two on an Asai DDT. Eagles went up for his 450 across the knee, but Claudio would escape and then caught the challenger on the run with a Michinoku Driver for two of his own.

Eagles would avoid a European Uppercut from the champion and scored a series of flash nearfalls. After some fast feet, Eagles went for a second Asai DDT, but was caught into the Ricola Bomb for three, Castagnoli retaining his ROH gold.


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