Ricochet Unleashes Shocking Revelation About His WWE Strength: You Won’t Believe How Powerful I Really Am!

WWE star Ricochet recently sat down for an interview with Fightful, where he opened up about his career and discussed his athletic ability and strength. Ricochet, known for his high-flying and acrobatic moves in the ring, expressed his desire to stand out and push the boundaries of what he can do.

During the interview, Ricochet mentioned that he drew inspiration from wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Jack Evans, Amazing Red, and Hayabusa, who were known for their innovative and jaw-dropping maneuvers. He acknowledged their incredible skills and aimed to live up to their level of excellence.

Ricochet emphasized that he never thought in terms of limitations or what others couldn’t do. Instead, he focused on finding ways to differentiate himself and leave a lasting impression on the audience. He constantly asked himself, “What more can I do?” in order to stand out in a highly competitive industry.

One of the topics that Ricochet discussed in the interview was his strength. While he acknowledged that there are stronger wrestlers in WWE, he firmly believes that he is one of the strongest pound-for-pound athletes on the roster. He mentioned that he tries to incorporate his strength into his matches, showcasing it in specific situations where it can shine.

Although Ricochet recognizes that there are wrestlers like Bronson Reed who have more raw strength, he feels that his own strength is often underestimated. He aims to prove that he is capable of more than what people may think, using his athleticism and power to his advantage.

In addition to his time in WWE, Ricochet also reflected on his stint in Lucha Underground, where he competed as Prince Puma. He praised the unique nature of the show and how it differed from other wrestling promotions.

For more details on Ricochet’s interview and his thoughts on his time in Lucha Underground, you can read the full article on Wrestling Headlines here.

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