Jon Moxley Unleashes Epic Plan to Bring AEW Pay-Per-View Spectacle to Cincinnati

Jon Moxley, the current reigning International Champion in AEW, expressed his desire for the company to host a pay-per-view event in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. In an interview with ESPN Cincinnati 1530, Moxley stated that he would do whatever it takes to make this happen.

During the interview, Moxley enthusiastically shared, “Yeah, I’d be all for that, you know. I’d do whatever is necessary. They can parade me around like a show pony and sell tickets if they need to, but I’d be all for that. I’d like to see that happen.”

Moxley’s wish for an AEW pay-per-view in Cincinnati comes after the company’s recent visit to the city, where he successfully defended his International Championship against Big Bill. AEW’s next major pay-per-view, WrestleDream, is scheduled to take place in Seattle.

While Moxley’s request is currently just a desire, it highlights the passion and dedication he has for his hometown. As a top star in AEW, Moxley’s influence and popularity could potentially play a significant role in convincing the company to consider Cincinnati as a future pay-per-view location.

AEW has been known for its willingness to listen to its talent and engage with fan feedback, so Moxley’s request may not fall on deaf ears. The company has already shown a commitment to expanding its reach and hosting events in various cities across the United States.

If AEW were to grant Moxley’s wish, it would not only be a thrilling moment for the International Champion but also for the fans in Cincinnati who have been eagerly supporting him throughout his career. The opportunity to witness a major AEW pay-per-view live in their hometown would undoubtedly create an electric atmosphere.

While there are no official announcements regarding AEW’s future pay-per-view locations beyond WrestleDream, Moxley’s plea adds an exciting element to the ongoing speculation. Wrestling fans in Cincinnati and beyond will certainly be keeping a close eye on any developments.

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