Powerhouse Hobbs Reveals Insider Scoop on AEW All Out Showdown Against Miro, Drops Names of Wrestling Legends Who Molded Him

Powerhouse Hobbs, the rising star of AEW, recently sat down for an interview on the Under The Ring podcast to discuss his upcoming match against Miro at AEW All Out 2023. In the interview, Hobbs shared insights about his mentors in AEW and what fans can expect from his highly anticipated match.

When asked about his mentors in AEW, Hobbs mentioned some influential figures who have guided him along his wrestling journey. He specifically mentioned Billy Gunn, who has provided valuable advice and guidance. Hobbs also expressed his gratitude towards Mark Henry, whom he referred to as his “wrestling dad.” According to Hobbs, Henry understands the challenges faced by wrestlers and can anticipate their thoughts even before they vocalize them. Additionally, Hobbs acknowledged the support he receives from other veterans in the locker room, including Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko.

Turning the conversation towards his upcoming match against Miro at AEW All Out, Hobbs expressed his determination to emerge victorious. Having known Miro for several years, Hobbs believes that their familiarity will make the match even more intense. However, Hobbs also highlighted that this match will showcase a different side of AEW. He stated, “I don’t think the fans have seen a real big man hoss fight in AEW yet. So it’s not going to be a lot of flippity do’s and superkicks, It’s just going to be two big MFs hitting each other.” Hobbs aims to deliver a hard-hitting battle that will leave a lasting impact on the audience.

For more information on Powerhouse Hobbs’ insights and his upcoming match against Miro, you can listen to the full interview on the Under The Ring podcast.

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