Orange Cassidy Credits The Elite for AEW’s Existence

Professional wrestling sensation Orange Cassidy recently expressed his gratitude towards The Elite, stating that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) would not exist without them. In an interview with Brandon Walker of Barstool Rasslin’, Cassidy praised the impact and significance of The Elite within the company.

Cassidy acknowledged the pivotal role played by Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), and Hangman Adam Page in the success and establishment of AEW. He emphasized their contributions as the heart and soul of the organization, embodying everything that AEW represents.

According to Cassidy, the presence of The Elite allows wrestlers like himself to thrive in an environment where they can be true to themselves. Their re-signing with AEW was deemed a significant event, highlighting their continued commitment to the company’s vision and the opportunities they provide for talent to shine.

Expressing his gratitude towards The Elite, Cassidy stated, “This company wouldn’t exist without them. It’s very clear, it’s very apparent, if you don’t think that, then you don’t know what AEW is, and that’s fine. They are the heart, they are the soul, they are everything AEW represents. Without those guys, I wouldn’t be sitting here with you while toilets are being flushed over my head. I am forever grateful to those people, and they allow us to do what we want to do. They allowed me to be me, I can thrive in an environment where you can be yourself. Them re-signing is a huge deal. I kind of want to wrestle them at some point.”

The Elite’s influence and impact on AEW cannot be understated. Their innovative and dynamic style of wrestling has garnered a dedicated fanbase and elevated the overall quality of the product. Their commitment to providing a platform for talent to showcase their abilities has been instrumental in establishing AEW as a major player in the wrestling industry.

As reported by Fightful, Cassidy’s words highlight the profound impact that The Elite has had on AEW’s success. Without their vision and dedication, AEW would not have become the thriving promotion it is today.

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