Nick Aldis Shares Advice Scott Hall Once Gave Him About Betting On Yourself, Talks NWA Departure

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Nick Aldis is ready to bet on himself.

The National Treasure discussed this topic during a recent interview on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, where he reflected on his decision to leave the NWA, which was a similar decision he made back in the day when he departed TNA. The former two-time NWA World Champion also reveals advice that Scott Hall gave him about betting on himself. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

How there is a misconception that he had something already lined up after his NWA run:

I think there was this sort of misconception that when I decided to move on from the NWA that it was because I had something else lined up. One of my reasons for moving on was just because I just wanted to do something else, explore other opportunities. I know that-that just sounds like one of those open-ended things that people say, but it really was.

Recalls when he left TNA:

I’m like, let’s see what happens, let’s see what’s out there because if I’ve learned anything I guess from the last few years, I didn’t leave TNA and then go, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna call Billy Corgan up and I’m gonna convince him to buy the NWA. All that stuff just sort of happened, things just happen in the business. I always remind people, Hulk Hogan didn’t grow up dreaming of being in the WWF because it didn’t exist… Once he decided to get in the business, he was like, ‘I just wanna be a big time wrestler.’

Advice Scott Hall gave to him once:

I remember Scott Hall saying to me once, ‘I just wanted to be a big time pro wrestler’ and it’s like, there are many different ways to skin a cat and in my mind, it was sort of like, okay, well, like the Australia thing (Starrcast/pro wrestling event in late 2023) and stuff like that. It’s like, okay, put your money where your mouth is… If you think you can do a better job, what’s stopping you? Try it.

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