Exciting Announcement: WWE Payback Reveals Special Guest Host for the Weekend Show

That’s a good spot for him. We are less than a day away from WWE’s Payback event and that means it is time for the company to come up with the hard push towards the show. The show is going to be missing some big names and it does not feel like the most important. WWE needs something else to give it a boost and now we know what they are putting on the card as a bonus.

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This week on SmackDown, John Cena announced that he will be the special host of Payback. It is not clear what he will be doing in the role. Cena serving as host of the show was rumored earlier this week but not confirmed by WWE. This is part of Cena’s return to WWE, which is scheduled to run through the end of October. It is not clear when or if Cena will wrestle during this period.

Cena has had a long career. Check out what he has done in some of his recent appearances:

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Opinion: This is the kind of role that works well for Cena if he isn’t going to be wrestling. Cena is one of the biggest stars WWE has ever had and no matter what he does is going to get some attention. Let Cena go out there and do his thing and fire up the crowd, while perhaps setting up something with his future appearances on SmackDown. It’s a smart move and Cena knows how to be the hype man as well as anyone.

What do you think of Cena in the role? What should he do at the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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