Ex-WWE NXT Star Declares Retirement, Sparks Controversy

wrestlinginc.com/news/2021/03/drake-wuertz-receives-backlash-over-reaction-to-aj-styles-wwe-release/”>controversial reaction to the WWE release of AJ Styles, as well as a since-deleted tweet from a WWE account allegedly owned by him.

​Drake Wuertz was a WWE referee during the rise and heyday of NXT, and officiated at WrestleMania 34. He had an successful independent wrestling career as Drake Younger before joining WWE. Recently, he became the center of controversy with his reaction to AJ Styles’ release from WWE and an allegedly owned deleted tweet from a WWE account. Controversial reaction to AJ Styles’ release, Joey Janela revealed on his Instagram page that former WWE referee Drake Wuertz has decided to retire from wrestling. Wuertz had gained notoriety for his controversial views on <a href="https:// Drake Wuertz has retired from wrestling after coming under fire for his political views, including advocating against mask policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. This announcement came from Joey Janela on his Instagram page. Wuertz had a promising career with WWE prior to this controversy. -to going from Pro wrestling to sports entertainment having an international reach for WWE and so much more!

I have ended my 21 year professional wrestling career. I have had an incredible journey, going from a $5 payday at the Evansville Coliseum to headlining Korakuen Hall in Japan and making an appearance at WrestleMania to referee a main event match. I have gone from pro wrestling to sports entertainment, having an international reach with WWE. View my post on Instagram, learn more about Wrestlemania XXVI. com/2023/5/10/23718287/controversial-ex-wwe-impact-wrestlers-announce-retirement-plans-jaxson-ryker-gunner-kimber-lee”>Controversial ex-WWE/Impact wrestlers announce retirement plans, Wuertz has announced his retirement from professional wrestling in order to focus on his family. He joins Chad Lail and Kimber Frankele in retiring this year. Former WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz has retired due to controversial beliefs associated with COVID and QAnon. Wuertz has been a referee in NXT since 2015 and will be removed from WWE programming. [Read More] [Drake Wuertz Profile]

Former WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz has retired due to controversial beliefs associated with COVID and QAnon. Wuertz had been a referee since 2015 and will no longer appear on WWE programming.

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