Pat McAfee Joins Elite Club as Stone Cold Rates His Stunner Sell Among All-Time Best

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This article discusses the impact of Steve Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner move in professional wrestling and how it is remembered when Austin returns to WWE. It reflects on his return at WrestleMania 38 last year and showcases some of the best and worst Stunner sells. Two hyperlinks have been included, one to an article discussing the best Stone Cold Stunner sells and one to a video showcasing the Stunner sell. So I mean, that was one of the top Stunner-sells. And hey, he might even be number one – I just won’t say it.”

Vince McMahon joined the discussion of the “all-time worst” performers in professional wrestling, while Pat MacAfee was named among the “best” lists by many. After delivering a Stunner to McMahon during WrestleMania 37 in North Texas, Austin had a big smile on his face. McAfee’s epic performance in the ring and his natural feel for the business earned him a spot in the top three Stunner-sells, according to McMahon himself. TMZ Sports asked Austin to rank McAfee’s Stunner-sell. com/wwe/2020/12/15/22176520/stone-cold-steve-austin-grades-pat-mcafee-wwe-nxt-badass”>

Stone Cold Steve Austin praised Pat McAfee on WWE NXT for his ability to improvise and ad lib, elevating his performance. Austin had previously praised the newest member of Team ESPN for being very entertaining and as a person as well. The two are linked by two hyperlinks, one to the original source and another to McAfee’s ESPN contract. Stone Cold Steve Austin has named his top three stunner sells of all time, with Pat McAfee’s WrestleMania 38 performance ranking the highest. The WWE Hall of Famer also detailed why the NXT star’s work was so impressive. Read more about Stone Cold’s list here: [Hyperlink1]( and [Hyperlink2]( Stone Cold Steve Austin named Pat McAfee’s WrestleMania 38 performance as the best stunner sell of all time, with two other performers following close behind. He praised McAfee’s “brilliant” selling and also explained why it was so impressive.

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