Eric Bischoff Reveals the Untapped Potential of WWE’s India Expansion

Former WWE executive and wrestling personality Eric Bischoff recently discussed the growing importance of the India market for WWE on his Strictly Business podcast. Bischoff, who has never worked in India himself, highlighted the immense potential of the country’s wrestling fanbase.

In a recent episode, Bischoff stated, “I’ve never done any business as a talent or producer in India. So, I don’t have any firsthand business experience there. But it’s just a little research I did a couple of months ago. I read that there are approximately 350 million WWE fans in India. There are more WWE fans in India than there are here in the United States, so without question, the potential is there.”

Bischoff’s comments shed light on the massive fan following that WWE enjoys in India. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India represents a significant market for the professional wrestling industry. The country’s passion for WWE has been demonstrated through events like the recent Superstar Spectacle, which featured top stars like John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

Despite never having visited India, Bischoff expressed a keen interest in experiencing the country’s rich culture. He said, “I really want to [visit India]. There are a couple of places in the world that I really want to go and visit while I can still move around and enjoy it. And India is one of them.”

Bischoff’s desire to explore India is not surprising considering his love for immersing himself in different cultures. He cited his experiences in Japan and North Korea as examples of his fascination with diverse societies. Bischoff also expressed a desire to visit Russia in the future.

With WWE recognizing the potential of the Indian market, the company has made concerted efforts to cater to the country’s fanbase. This includes hosting events like the Superstar Spectacle, which featured Indian talent alongside international stars. Additionally, WWE has collaborated with Indian streaming platform SonyLIV to make their content more accessible to fans in the country.

The immense popularity of WWE in India has not gone unnoticed by other wrestling promotions. All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a rising competitor to WWE, has also shown interest in tapping into the Indian market. AEW’s partnership with Indian wrestling promotion DDT Pro Wrestling further demonstrates the industry’s recognition of the country’s potential.

As the Indian wrestling scene continues to grow, it is clear that the country’s fanbase is a force to be reckoned with. The passion and enthusiasm of Indian WWE fans have made India a key market for the professional wrestling industry. With WWE and other promotions actively engaging with the Indian audience, the future of wrestling in India looks promising.

If you want to hear more insights from Eric Bischoff and his thoughts on the India market, check out his Strictly Business podcast.

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