Booker T Urges Wrestlers to Ramp Up Their Respect Game

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Legendary wrestler Booker T recently shared his thoughts on the importance of respect in the world of professional wrestling. During his latest Hall of Fame podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed the need for wrestlers to show more respect towards each other and the business.

Booker T emphasized the significance of respecting the advice and feedback given by fellow wrestlers. He stated, “Meaning somebody comes and tells you something, and you just blow it off like it has no meaning. And like the guys coming telling you that for no reason, it’s a reason why he is telling you that because he’s trying to protect the business.”

According to Booker T, respecting the business also means acknowledging the contributions of those who came before. He expressed his belief in honoring the wrestlers who paved the way and the hard work they put into their craft. He mentioned the carpenters who went out and did it and the importance of following the blueprint.

Booker T also discussed the structure of wrestling shows and the need for matches to be appropriately paced. He explained, “Just like at a Reality of Wrestling show, if the first match goes outside those four ropes, he’s got a problem with me alright because it’s the first match. We don’t need that for the first match. It’s a reason why we build the show to the main event.”

He further criticized the trend of wrestlers attempting to have WrestleMania-level matches without the necessary experience or platform. Booker T stated, “When you have everybody going out on the show thinking they’re having a WrestleMania match when they’ve never been to WrestleMania and probably never will, there’s no real reason for it.”

Booker T expressed his frustration with the excessive use of high-risk moves and false finishes that are often seen in modern wrestling. He criticized the practice of performing multiple Canadian destroyers and powerbombs without any storyline justification, solely for the purpose of eliciting a “this is awesome” chant from the crowd. He described it as “ridiculous” and highlighted the current state of wrestling.

Booker T’s comments highlight the importance of respecting the wrestling business, fellow wrestlers, and the legacy of those who came before. His insights shed light on the need for wrestlers to approach their craft with a sense of reverence and to consider the overall structure and storytelling of their matches.

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