Eric Bischoff Reveals His Shocking Reason for Rejecting Taz to WCW!

Former WCW President, Eric Bischoff, recently shared his thoughts on various topics during an episode of his popular podcast, the 83 Weeks Podcast. Bischoff discussed his interest in bringing Taz to WCW, the hiring of Vampiro, and his confidence in Stevie Ray in 1998.

When asked about the possibility of bringing Taz to WCW, Bischoff stated, “Not by me. No. There was nobody in ECW that was on my radar because I didn’t watch it and I wasn’t following it. So, no disrespect to them, but I really didn’t watch the product. Did Terry Taylor have a thought about Taz? Kevin Sullivan? Because Kevin and Terry, I think we’re far more familiar and followed the product and had friends there and relationships there. So they very well could have had thoughts or plans for Taz that just never made it to my desk.” While Bischoff acknowledged that other members of the WCW team may have considered bringing in Taz, it was not a decision he personally pursued.

In regards to the hiring of Vampiro, Bischoff clarified that he was not the one who scouted or brought him into WCW. He credited Kevin Sullivan, stating, “That would have come probably from Kevin Sullivan, more than likely. But once Kevin brought him to me, I saw tape. I saw eight by ten to get an idea of where he would fit. But that would have been a Kevin Sullivan hire.” Bischoff’s involvement in the process came after Vampiro was recommended to him.

Reflecting on Stevie Ray’s role in WCW, Bischoff praised his in-ring abilities and intimidating presence. However, he noted that Stevie’s weakness was his promo ability, which is why Booker T often took the lead on the mic. Bischoff explained, “The reason that Booker was always out in front of that team and on the mic. And one of the reasons that Booker T became so successful after he hung up his boots, so to speak, was because he was so good on the mic. And Stevie didn’t have that talent. So within the NWA, that was easily camouflaged. So you have all the assets that Stevie brought to the table without having to worry about whether or not he could carry a promo. It was just a great fit.”

As always, Bischoff’s insights provide a glimpse into the decision-making process behind the scenes of WCW. While he may not have been personally interested in bringing Taz to the company, it’s clear that other members of the WCW team may have had different thoughts. Similarly, Vampiro’s hiring was attributed to Kevin Sullivan, and Stevie Ray’s strengths and weaknesses were carefully considered within the NWA.

If you’d like to hear more from Eric Bischoff, be sure to check out his 83 Weeks Podcast, where he delves into the behind-the-scenes stories and controversies of the wrestling industry.

Disclaimer: The quotes used in this article were transcribed from the 83 Weeks Podcast and were originally posted on Wrestling Headlines.


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