D-Von Dudley Clears the Air on Potential Dudley Boyz Reunion

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D-Von Dudley has denied the rumor of a feud with his long time tag-team partner, Bubby Ray. During an interview on Insight With Chris Van Vilet, he clarified they are both doing their own thing and are content with the situation. He explained that due to his health issues, he wasn’t able to keep up with Bubby Ray’s level of wrestling, but both are happy with their current paths. Read More on WWE.com Watch the Interview on YouTube The Dudley Boyz discussed the possibility of a reunion in-ring, with D-Von mentioning that he can no longer perform certain moves due to his back, but he is willing to do a 3D. Dudley Boyz, 3D com/d-von-dudley-says-he-has-no-beef-with-bubba-ray-talks-a-possible-dudley-boyz-reunion/”>D-Von Dudley Says He Has No Beef With Bubba Ray, Talks A Possible Dudley Boyz Reunion

In a recent interview, D-Von Dudley discussed the current relationship with his brother Bubba Ray and the possibility of a Dudley Boyz reunion. He also spoke about his sons Terrence and Terrell Hughes competing for AEW. Learn more about D-Von’s comments with the hyperlinks here and here. D-Von Dudley, one half of the iconic tag team Dudley Boyz, recently spoke about his relationship with his former tag team partner, Bubba Ray Dudley, and the possibility of the two reuniting in the future. D-Von states that he and Bubba Ray have no beef and haven’t had any real communication since the Dudley Boyz split. He suggests that if the right opportunity and a story line were presented, a Dudley Boyz reunion could be likely. D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley have no beef and are open to reuniting the iconic tag team Dudley Boyz if the right opportunity and story line are presented.

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