D-Von Dudley Drops Bombshell on Possible Dudley Boyz Reunion, No Beef With Bubba Ray

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D-Von Dudley denies the rumors of a feud between him and his tag partner, Bubba Ray. He clarified in an interview with Chris Van Vilet that they are doing their own things and are happy with the situation. He mentioned the reason for the separation was due to him suffering a stroke and his back giving out. Read more here about D-Von’s interview and here to learn about the Dudley Boyz. The Dudley Boyz have squashed their disagreements and while the future of their in ring careers is unclear, D-Von has stated that he is still able to perform the 3D move. The Dudley Boyz Wazzup move may be off the table due to a back injury. D-Von Dudley discussed a possible Dudley Boyz reunion as well as his sons competing in AEW in an interview with Chris Van Vilet. He said he has no beef with Bubba Ray and his sons are enjoying themselves in AEW, but he thinks they would be lost in the shuffle in WWE. Read the full interview here and watch the interview here.

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