Cody Rhodes Reveals Outrageous Stardust Mask Design Resembling Unexpected Object

Cody Rhodes, known as the American Nightmare, recently reflected on his time as the character Stardust during his tenure in WWE. In an interview on the Dale Download with Dale Earnhardt Jr. program, Cody discussed his dislike for the gimmick and shared some advice for younger talents who may feel held back in their careers.

According to Cody, one of the key ways to turn your fortunes around in the wrestling industry is to get in the best shape possible. He emphasized that professional wrestling is still a vanity business, with performers often appearing half-naked and oiled up. Cody believes that being in great physical shape not only catches the attention of those behind the scenes but also helps with the performer’s mindset.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Cody admitted that he could have shed the Stardust gimmick more quickly if he had focused on improving his physique. He stated, “Had I gotten in the best possible shape in my career and been like, ‘I’m telling you I want to be Cody Rhodes and not Stardust, let me get new gear and present that to you. Let me have this all done up.’ Instead of doing that, I just bottled. I let it swell.”

Cody also shared an interesting tidbit about the early pitches for the Stardust character. He revealed that there was an actual mask proposed for the gimmick that looked so bad it resembled a condom. Recognizing the importance of not being laughed at, Cody spoke up and expressed his concerns about the mask. He ultimately decided to shave his head like his brother Dustin instead. Cody admitted, “I’m glad the mask never saw the light of day.”

Stardust did have some notable moments during Cody’s time in WWE, but he ultimately felt that the character wasn’t going to get him where he wanted to be. Despite his frustrations, Cody has since found success outside of WWE, co-founding All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and becoming one of its top stars.

In a separate interview, Cody also discussed his relationship with Nick Khan, a key executive in WWE. Cody feels that Khan has given him the “keys to the kingdom,” indicating a positive working relationship between the two. To read more about Cody’s thoughts on Khan, you can check out the article on Wrestling Headlines.

It’s always interesting to hear wrestlers reflect on their past gimmicks and the challenges they faced. Cody Rhodes’ journey from Stardust to his current success in AEW is a testament to his determination and ability to adapt. It serves as a reminder to aspiring wrestlers that getting in the best shape possible and speaking up for oneself can make a significant difference in their careers.

Source: Dale Download with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Source: Wrestling Headlines

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