BOSJ 30 Block B Heats Up on Night 8 – See What Exciting Matchups Await!

Akira was brave, and fought back with spirit, but it was in vain as Desperado sent him away from the arena with the loss.

The BOSJ30 tour in Korakuen Hall featured a main event between El Desperado and Francesco Akira. Desperado dominated the match, attacking Akira’s knee and jaw while Akira fought bravely. Desperado ultimately won, leaving Akira with the loss. Watch the match replay here and subscribe to NJPW World for more professional wrestling content. Akira tapped out in the Pinoy Stretch, giving Desperado the win.

Akira tapped out in a submission hold, the Pinoy Stretch, allowing Desperado to move to the top of the standings. Akira attempted Speedfire and a Fireplex, but Desperado countered with a Spinebuster and a Numero Dos, forcing Akira’s knee into a grotesque angle. Akira also attempted a rope suicida, however, Desperado was eventually in control. TJP was ringside, with a towel in hand, but Akira refused to give in and tapped out in the end. TJP and Pinoy Stretch were involved in the match. YOH defeated Kevin Knight in a pin fall route to move himself to 12 points in the tournament. Knight attempted to target YOH’s knee, but couldn’t stop him from leaping and scoring with a top suite Frankensteiner. Outside the ring, Knight leapt onto the stage for a spectacular dive before the two returned to the ring. A high cross from Knight got two, but YOH responded with a super kick and then Direct Drive for three. Meanwhile, Robbie Eagles was unable to join the pile at 12 with Dan Moloney transitioning into a Drilla Killa, stopping Eagles’ Asai DDT. YOH’s match results, Robbie Eagles’ match results. Master Wato won the first match of the night for B Block against BUSHI, while Clark Connors defeated Yoshinobu Kanemaru in the second match. B Block’s final night is Wednesday May 24, featuring El Desperado vs Robbie Eagles, Master Wato vs Kevin Knight, and YOH vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru. These matches are key to deciding who will win the block. Read more about it here.

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