38 Year Old Ex-Intercontinental Champs Surprising Requirements for WWE Comeback

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Cardona said it would have to be the right situation.

Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder) is interested in returning to WWE but has conditions: cash and creative that must be met for the right situation. WATCH: Rob Van Dam Reveals Paul Heyman Owed Him Around $150,000. net/tommyhall/list-form-38-year-old-former-intercontinental-champion-reveals-demands-wwe-return/” title=”Click to read more about the story”>Read more about the story

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Joey Cardona said that his return to WWE would require his independent circuit partner Steph de Lander to also return. De Lander formerly appeared in NXT as Persia Pirotta and was released in April 2022, while Cardona was released from WWE in April 2020. Read more about the story and watch the interview (with the statement in question starting at 4:45) here and learn more about Cardona’s time in WWE and on the independent circuit here.

Former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder, also known as Matt Cardona, recently revealed his demands for a WWE return. Cardona has experienced success in WWE and outside of the company, and appears to be content with the independent wrestling circuit. While a WWE return could be possible, Cardona seems to be enjoying his current wrestling career. Watch the video to further explore Cardona’s demands for a WWE return and share your thoughts in the comments.
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Share your thoughts in the comments: https://wrestlingrumors.net/tommyhall/list-form-38-year-old-former-intercontinental-champion-reveals-demands-wwe-return/

Thomas Hall, a former Intercontinental Champion, is seeking a return to WWE and has revealed his demands for his return. Read more on WrestlingRumors.net here or check out Thomas Hall’s Amazon page here. In this article, former 38-year-old Intercontinental Champion, CM Punk, reveals his demands for a return to the WWE. He states that he requires a “hefty” down payment, creative control over his character, and a “monster push” for his return. He also details what he meant by “monster push” by citing examples of other wrestlers who have returned to the WWE. Read More and Learn More about CM Punk’s demands for a return to the WWE.

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