Vince McMahon Applauds Unexpected Wrestler After Intense Pay Per View Match

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McMahon was said to be impressed by Houston’s performance on the show and later gave him a “rare compliment”.

Vince McMahon is exceptionally influential in professional wrestling and an endorsement from him can be career-changing to a wrestler. Sam Houston told a story on the Cheap Heat podcast about McMahon giving him a rare compliment after his performance at the 1988 Survivor Series. Watch the Cheap Heat podcast and read about Mercedes Mone’s injury. net/tommyhall/vince-mcmahon-reportedly-told-surprise-wrestler-saved-match-pay-per-view/” title=”Click to watch the video”>[This post contains video, click to play]

Houston was a wrestler in WWE from 1987-1991, and took part in a Survivor Series match which was praised by Vince McMahon. According to Houston, McMahon said he saved the match as he was the only wrestler selling anything. Learn more about Houston’s time in WWE by clicking on this hyperlink and this hyperlink.

Vince McMahon reportedly praised an unexpected name, Houston, following a pay-per-view match. Though it was a different time in WWE, McMahon’s actions showed that he can be impressed by performances. Houston was a talented wrestler who earned the boss’ approval. Read more about his career and discuss your favorite WWE events in the comments. Read more here and watch the video here. Vince McMahon reportedly praised a surprise name following a pay-per-view match. Get more wrestling news and rumors from Thomas Hall at, or from his Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books. Sign up for exclusive Wrestling Rumors daily newsletter. Share this story on Facebook! Vince McMahon reportedly praised an unexpected name following a Pay-Per-View match. NXT superstar Damian Priest was commended by McMahon for his performance, according to The surprise praise from McMahon signals that Priest is a rising star in the WWE universe.

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