WWE’s SmackDown Roster Continues to Expand with Exciting Additions

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There wasn’t much announced in advance for the Sept. 15 SmackDown.

But considering what was announced involved John Cena (for an appearance on “The Grayson Waller Effect”) and LA Knight (the Megastar could be wrapping up his program with The Miz with their Payback rematch, and moving on to bigger things), we thought maybe WWE figured they didn’t need to promote much more before showtime.

But then in the hours leading up the show, they added these two to the preview for tonight’s episode on their website:

Bayley looks to make a statement against Asuka

The SmackDown Women’s division is truly intense and with IYO SKY in possession of the WWE Women’s Championship, it is crucial to the titleholder’s continued success that Damage CTRL remain completely solid. Recently, however, Bayley has been thrown off her game by the bedlam created by Shotzi.

Now, The Role Model will look to send a message that she is still an extremely dangerous part of her nefarious faction when she takes on Asuka one week before The Empress of Tomorrow gets a title opportunity against The Genius of the Sky.

AJ Styles to take on Finn Bálor in singles action

The Phenomenal AJ Styles will hit the ring against one-half of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions and his longtime foe, Finn Bálor.

The Judgment Day has a stranglehold on WWE with all four members holding a WWE Title, and the group warfare happening at SmackDown has continuously irked Styles.

The two Superstars will face off live tonight on FOX at 8/7 C as The Phenomenal One looks to restore order on the blue brand while Bálor wants chaos to reign.

With a proper build, either of those are PLE worthy showdowns. Their current backstories don’t quite make them main event worthy. But setting aside their long history, the first is part of Asuka’s quest to regain the WWE Women’s title from Bayley’s Damage CTRL teammate IYO SKY. And even if we disregard the way their pasts intertwine across companies, the second still stems from a run-in last Friday between the company’s two hottest acts — Finn Bálor’s Judgment Day and The Bloodline, which has become entangled with AJ Styles & The OC. So the build we’ve gotten isn’t nothing.

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