WWE SmackDown’s September 8th Episode Sees Viewer Decline Below Two Million, Key Demo Also Slips

WWE SmackDown experienced a dip in viewership for its September 8th episode on FOX, according to preliminary numbers reported by SpoilerTV. The episode garnered 1.969 million viewers, a decrease from the previous week’s overnight number of 2.28 million. Additionally, the show received a rating of 0.47 in the key demographics, which also saw a decline compared to the previous week.

Despite the drop in viewership, SmackDown still managed to be the top-rated cable program for the evening. It is important to note that these numbers are preliminary, and the full ratings will be released next week. Historically, the complete ratings often show an increase in viewership. However, it is worth mentioning that WWE’s flagship program, Raw, will face tougher competition as Monday Night Football kicks off this week.

For more details on the viewership numbers and ratings for the September 8th episode of WWE SmackDown, you can check out the article on Wrestling Headlines.

Stay tuned for further updates on WWE programming and its viewership.

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