WWE Fans React as Roman Reigns Unexpectedly Appears in New Ad, Tickets Selling Fast

However, Reigns was not actually slated to appear in Fayetteville, but instead a WWE live show in Florence, South Carolina on the same night. That was quickly corrected, but it had already created a buzz around the match, due to Reigns being one of the biggest draws in the company.

Roman Reigns is one of the biggest draws in WWE, resulting in increased interest in his upcoming match on May 20th in Florence, South Carolina. This was despite an initial miscommunication from WWE that Reigns would be appearing in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He’s Not Down: Mick Foley Reveals Turning Down Suggested Spot On Jimmy Kimmel Live WWE offered refunds for tickets to the show after wrongly advertising Roman Reigns’ appearance. Before the announcement, 3,816 tickets were sold and 700 more tickets were sold between the announcement and correction, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. WWE issued a statement on Wednesday regarding the incorrect advertisement of Reigns’ appearance and gave refunds until 7:30pm on the day of the event. Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported on the number of tickets sold. This text describes the recent efforts of a WWE wrestler, and reflects on how WWE corrected an issue with refunds in a timely manner. However, it questions if WWE made money off of their own error, creating an undesirable look. Two relevant hyperlinks can be included in the response to support this summary; for example, “WWE wrestler’s recent efforts showcased and WWE corrected their own error, although it may have caused them to make money illegally.” net/cody-rhodes-reveals-would-love-see-roman-reigns-wrestling/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” class=”prev-next-post”>Previous postNext post

Roman Reigns is a rare treat in the wrestling world and fans would love to see him compete more often. Do you think Reigns should wrestle more? Share your thoughts on Facebook and read more from wrestling journalist Thomas Hall at kbwrestlingreviews.com. Get the latest wrestling rumors with the Wrestling Rumors daily newsletter. net/derekstoughton/wwe-nxt-uk-date-nxt-tapings-rescheduled/”>

Steve Austin recently spoke about Pat McAfee and his ability in the professional wrestling world, saying he has a “natural feel for the business.” This article covers other recent news in professional wrestling such as WWE titles being vacated and upcoming title matches being set, Bryan Danielson helping with creative in AEW, and who is not listed on WWE’s internal roster. Two hyper links provided: Steve Austin on Pat McAfee: “[He] Has A Natural Feel For The Business” here and Who Is Not Listed on WWE’s Internal Roster? here. net/derekstoughton/steve-austin-thinks-cody-rhodes-losing-wrestlemania-right-decision/”>

Steve Austin believes that Cody Rhodes’ loss at WrestleMania was the right decision. A wrestling world tribute to Superstar Billy Graham was shared. Positive news was released about AEW Champion being out of action due to injury. WWE is discussing a major Usos match for Money in the Bank and reportedly sees two wrestlers as top heels for the next 10 years. Watch World Tribute to Superstar Billy Graham and Read Steve Austin’s thoughts on Cody Rhodes’ loss. net/tag/wwe/”>WWE

This article summarizes the results of Monday Night Raw on May 15, 2023 and features an explanation from Mustafa Ali about why he believes WWE dropped his feud with Seth Rollins. The article also mentions the accidental advertisement of Roman Reigns by WWE that resulted in a sellout of tickets. Two relevant hyperlinks are included with anchor texts of “Monday Night Raw Results – May 15, 2023” and “Time For A Change: Mustafa Ali Explains Why He Believes WWE Dropped His Seth Rollins Feud”. WWE accidentally advertised Roman Reigns winning the Universal Championship, which caused a large number of tickets to be sold for the upcoming pay-per-view. This story was originally posted at WrestlingRumors.net. Hyperlinks:
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