WWE Draft, round five: Ripley stays on Raw, Theory to SmackDown

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Here’s how round five of the 2023 WWE Draft played out:

Raw: Rhea Ripley

SmackDown: Austin Theory

Raw: Seth Rollins

SmackDown: Charlotte Flair

As with the first night, Triple H was out right at the start of the show to be the one to deliver the first picks (of the evening, though technically it was round five).

Then he announced Brock Lesnar won’t be drafted tonight because he negotiated a deal to be a free agent so he can appear on any brand he wants. Because of course.

Finally, we got to making selections and it was just about what you would think. With Bianca Belair and GUNTHER switching brands and taking their titles with them, it only made sense to have Rhea Ripley and United States Champion Austin Theory do the same. That sets up a championship exchange of some sort for the women’s division once again.

Elsewhere, Rollins and Flair will remain on the brands they’ve been working on.

Get complete Raw results and coverage of this week’s show right here.


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