Vince McMahon Showers Surprise Wrestler with Unexpected Praise After Epic Pay Per View Match

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He was part of a team captained by Ted DiBiase that was facing off with a team captained by Hulk Hogan.

Vince McMahon gave former WWE wrestler Sam Houston rare praise for his performance at the 1988 Survivor Series, where he was part of a team captained by Ted DiBiase facing off with a team captained by Hulk Hogan. Sam Houston shared the story on the Cheap Heat podcast episode. Kevin Houston was part of a Survivor Series match in 1987 and was eliminated approximately ten minutes in, with the match running a total of eighteen minutes. After the match, Vince McMahon complimented Houston for being the only wrestler who sold his opponent’s offense. This highlights the wrestler’s preference to not put each other over, despite McMahon’s opinion. Two hyperlinks: Kevin Houston’s Wikipedia Page Kevin Houston and WWE’s Survivor Series event page Survivor Series. Kevin Houston wrestled for WWE from 1987-1991. This article discusses the time that Houston spent in WWE, summarizing his tenure while providing several videos to highlight his work. Houston was a part of WWE during a very different time, and his work was often praised by Vince McMahon. Two hyperlinks are provided, the first leading to Houston’s WWE profile and the second to his Twitter. net/houston-wwe-star-look-career/”>Houston was a talented wrestler who earned WWE’s approval. Read more at and sign up for the exclusive Wrestling Rumors daily newsletter. net/tommyhall/new-day-brodie-lee-tragedy-wwe-universe/”>

Mercedes Mone was possibly injured during a weekend title match. Rob Van Dam revealed Paul Heyman owed him around $150,000 and Seth Rollins is set to become the first WWE Superstar to do something. The New Day also discussed the tragedy of Brodie Lee in the WWE Universe.
These are some of the topics in professional wrestling discussed recently. Two of these topics being [WATCH: Mercedes Mone Possibly Injured During Weekend Title Match](net/tommyhall/watch-mercedes-mone-possibly-injured-weekend-title-match/) and [WATCH: Rob Van Dam Reveals Paul Heyman Owed Him Around $150,000](net/tommyhall/watch-rob-van-dam-reveals-paul-heyman-owed-around-150000/). net/derekstoughton/watch-cody-rhodes-calls-roman-reigns-brock-lesnar-bold-statement/”>

This article provides an update on the professional wrestling world, including Cody Rhodes’ bold statement about Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, NXT LVL Up Results from May 19, 2023, early betting odds for Night of Champions 2023 and how WWE feels about Seth Rollins’ acting career. Click here to read about Cody Rhodes’ statement, click here to find out about the early betting odds for Night of Champions 2023. net/tommyhall/”>Tommy Hall
This article covers reports of Triple H’s right-hand man in WWE, Ring of Honor TV results from May 18, 2023, and WWE wanting to push a new SmackDown star for months. Learn more about Triple H’s right-hand man and find out more about the SmackDown star. Vince McMahon reportedly praised Sam Houston following his match at Survivor Series, a rare show of approval from the WWE Chairman. Read more about this story and the reaction to it at here and here.

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