Vince McMahon Has Not Attended Any TV Tapings or Creative Meetings Yet (Report)

Could Vince McMahon actually be telling the TRUTH?!

The 77-year-old billionaire retired from WWE last July over allegations of misconduct with female employees, resulting in millions of dollars being paid in NDAs.

McMahon returned to WWE earlier this month and has since been appointed the promotion’s Executive Chairman.

Keeping his Word

When announcing his intention to return, McMahon made it clear that he was merely back to facilitate a sale of the promotion.

Names reported as potential buyers include Comcast, FOX, Netflix, Disney, Amazon, and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, among others.

Many have been dubious of McMahon’s claim, and believe it is just a matter of time until he makes a play to take over previous roles such as Head of Creative.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is reported that McMahon is remaining true to his word, and is rarely seen outside of meetings about the potential sale.

McMahon has not attended any TV tapings, nor has he appeared at any creative meetings yet.

Sources who spoke to the Observer that contrary to McMahon’s first era on top of WWE, he now leaves work at a normal time, rather than staying into the early morning.

The Sale

Though there was a time when the idea of Vince McMahon selling WWE seemed impossible, McMahon is seemingly fixated on making a sale go through.

While it had been reported that the Saudi PIF had purchased the company and were planning on turning it private, that was later debunked.

It is believed that WWE hopes for a sale to happen soon, before they have to renegotiate with their broadcast partners at the USA Network and FOX later this year.


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