Unveiling the Jaw-Dropping Top 10 Moments at WWE Payback!

WWE has released the latest edition of its “Top 10” series on Youtube, showcasing the most thrilling moments from last night’s Payback premium live event. From jaw-dropping suplexes to shocking attacks, the video highlights the intense action that unfolded in the ring. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 moments from WWE Payback:

  1. “Steel Cage Superplex” – Becky Lynch suplexes Trish Stratus from the top of the cage: In a stunning display of strength and athleticism, Becky Lynch executed a breathtaking suplex on Trish Stratus from the top of the steel cage. This high-risk move left the audience in awe.
  2. “Raquel Slam Dirty Dom” – Raquel Rodriguez slams Dominik Mysterio: Raquel Rodriguez showcased her power and dominance as she delivered a thunderous slam to Dominik Mysterio. This impressive feat left Mysterio reeling and the fans on their feet.
  3. “Friends No More” – Zoey Stark attacks Trish Stratus: In a shocking turn of events, Zoey Stark launched a surprise attack on Trish Stratus, ending their friendship in a brutal fashion. This unexpected betrayal added an element of drama to the event.
  4. “Rhea Eradicates Owens” – Rhea Ripley spears Kevin Owens through a barricade: Rhea Ripley unleashed her ferocity as she speared Kevin Owens through a barricade, leaving him incapacitated. This intense moment showcased Ripley’s raw power and determination.
  5. “Stepping To The Man” – Becky Lynch has interaction with Tiffany Stratton backstage: Becky Lynch had a confrontational encounter with Tiffany Stratton backstage, asserting her dominance as “The Man” of WWE. This backstage interaction added an intriguing layer to the event.
  6. “KO’s Daredevil Swanton” – Kevin Owens hits a swanton from the rafters: Kevin Owens took a daring leap from the rafters, executing a jaw-dropping swanton onto his opponent. This high-risk maneuver left the audience in awe of Owens’ fearlessness.
  7. “A Sinister Attack” – Shinsuke Nakamura attacks Seth Rollins: In a shocking twist, Shinsuke Nakamura launched a surprise attack on Seth Rollins, leaving him battered and bruised. This unexpected assault added an element of unpredictability to the event.
  8. “A Sign Of Respect” – John Cena shakes LA Knight: John Cena showed his sportsmanship by shaking hands with LA Knight, signifying respect between the two competitors. This moment showcased the camaraderie and mutual admiration in the world of professional wrestling.
  9. “Raw’s Newest Superstar” – Jey Uso joins the Raw team: In a surprising twist, Jey Uso made his presence felt by joining the Raw team. This unexpected addition to the roster added excitement and intrigue to the event.
  10. “Judgment Day Stand Tall” – Judgment Day win the tag titles: The highly anticipated match between Judgment Day and their opponents culminated in an impressive victory for Judgment Day, as they emerged as the new tag team champions. This triumphant moment marked a significant milestone in their careers.

The video, which can be found on WWE’s official Youtube channel, provides a thrilling recap of the action-packed Payback event. Fans can relive these unforgettable moments and witness the athleticism, drama, and surprises that unfolded in the ring.

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