Unexpected Front-Runners Revealed for SmackDown’s Highly Anticipated Next Home

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New Homecoming? Two Surprising Names Emerge as Favorites for SmackDown’s Next Home

New Homecoming? Two Surprising Names Emerge as Favorites for SmackDown’s Next Home

WWE has been around for a very long time now and one of the few constants over the last few decades has been their television shows. Monday Night Raw and SmackDown have been the company’s main weekly series since the 1990s and they have become juggernauts in the industry. It means a lot for a network to air the shows and now two interesting options have risen for one of them.

WWE’s current broadcasting contracts for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown both come to an end next year, with the company entering negotiations for the broadcasting rights. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Monday Night Raw and NXT are expected to remain with NBC/Universal, though WWE is looking for a large increase in the rights fees. As for SmackDown, both Disney and Amazon are seen as the two leading options for SmackDown. Should Disney obtain the rights, SmackDown would likely air on ABC or FX.

All three shows have been doing well as of late. Monday Night Raw and SmackDown have been consistently drawing in viewers and NXT has been gaining popularity with its younger demographic. This success has made WWE a valuable property in the television industry.

SmackDown, in particular, has been a standout show in recent years. The move to Fox in 2019 was a major success, as the show saw a significant increase in viewership and became the highest-rated program on Friday nights. The potential move to Disney or Amazon only further solidifies SmackDown’s status as a top-tier program.

Disney and Amazon are both major players in the entertainment industry, with vast resources and a strong presence in the streaming market. If either company were to acquire the rights to SmackDown, it could open up new opportunities for cross-promotion and collaboration. Disney, in particular, has a close relationship with ESPN, which could lead to interesting tie-ins and crossovers between the worlds of professional wrestling and sports.

Overall, the options for SmackDown’s next home are exciting and promising. Both Disney and Amazon have the potential to take the show to new heights and provide WWE with even more exposure and opportunities. It will be interesting to see how the negotiations play out and where SmackDown ultimately lands.

What do you think of the possibilities? Where will all three shows land? Let us know in the comments below.

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