Tony Khan’s next announcement is a ‘long-awaited dream match’ (UPDATED)

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AEW owner/president/booker Tony Khan’s been known to generate buzz for AEW shows with MAJOR & HUGE announcements. He also gets made fun of a lot for it, and those kind of things can generally have diminishing returns anyway. That could be why he’s teasing his latest without an adjective of any kind.

What Khan does promise in the plain old “announcement” he announced in an addendum to his tweet about the card for Rampage tonight (Mar. 17)?

A “long-awaited dream match”.

Much of the speculation about the match he’ll announce for the Mar. 22 Dynamite has focused on AAA Mega champion El Hijo del Vikingo. Vikingo is reportedly high on Khan’slist of AAA talent he’d like to use in AEW, and Kenny Omega has been wanting to face the 25 year old sensation for years. Lucha Blog also recently pointed out that Vikingo’s mid-week schedule in Mexico has been cleared for the rest of March.

While it’s not a match that will do much for so-called casual fans, especially with an AEW television build that consists of one highlight package, it is one that diehards have been wanting to see for a while. Does it make sense to just add it to a random Dynamite? It could if it’s somehow used to advance The Elite’s reunion with Hangman Page and feud with Blackpool Combat Club, and to set up a future AAA main event.

Or it might not be Vikingo at all! You’ll just have to join us for this week’s late night edition of Rampage to find out (this wasn’t announced at the taping on Wednesday, so it’s not in the spoilers).

And that’s part of why TK announces these announcements… in all their shapes & sizes.

UPDATE: Well, scratch that ratings theory, because Khan has revealed Omega vs. Vikingo on Twitter…


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