Tony Khan’s Explosive Revelation: CM Punk’s Shocking Actions at All In Led to Unsafe Environment

Tonight’s AEW Collision from Chicago came only a few hours after it was announced that CM Punk had been released due to his actions at All In.

Company president Tony Khan opened the show by addressing the release, where he explained to the fans how difficult the decision was for him to make. He says that outside counsel, as well as a disciplinary committee, recommended that he let Punk go. Khan adds that it was the first time at a wrestling event that he felt in danger, and that Punk endangered other members of the show who had nothing to do with his scuffle with Jack Perry. He then apologizes to anyone who is upset with this decision, adding that AEW will continue to put on great shows that fans can expect from them.

AEW GM @TonyKhan opens #AEWCollision

— AEW on TV (@AEWonTV) September 3, 2023

Khan made a similar statement before the show went on air to the live crowd. He was heavily booed.

Tony getting booed

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If you missed AEW’s full statement on the Punk firing you can read it here.

In a shocking turn of events, CM Punk has been released by AEW due to his actions at All In. The decision was announced just hours before tonight’s AEW Collision event in Chicago, leaving fans and the wrestling world in a state of disbelief.

Company president Tony Khan took the stage at AEW Collision to address the release and provide some insight into the decision-making process. Khan explained that the choice to release Punk was not an easy one, as outside counsel and a disciplinary committee both recommended his departure. According to Khan, this was the first time he felt genuinely unsafe at a wrestling event, and Punk’s actions endangered other members of the show who had no involvement in his altercation with Jack Perry. Khan expressed his apologies to anyone who may be upset with the decision, assuring fans that AEW will continue to deliver the high-quality shows they have come to expect.

The announcement by Tony Khan was met with a mixed reaction from the live crowd in Chicago. While some fans understood the need for Punk’s release, others expressed their disappointment and booed Khan during his address.

If you want to see the video of Tony Khan addressing the CM Punk firing, you can watch it on AEW’s official Twitter page here</

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