Tony Khan’s Explosive All Out Media Call Highlights: Exciting CM Punk Update, All In Triumph, ROH Buzz, and Beyond

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The anticipation for this Sunday’s All Out pay-per-view from the United Center in Chicago is reaching its peak, and AEW President Tony Khan recently participated in a media call to promote the event. Wrestling Headlines was present on the call and has provided a comprehensive recap of the key points discussed.

One of the most pressing questions surrounding All Out is the potential involvement of CM Punk. When asked about Punk’s presence on the card, Khan stated that the incident is still under investigation, and he is unable to provide any further details at this time. However, he did mention that he plans to have an answer before All Out takes place.

Another interesting topic that arose during the media call was the possibility of media conducting more interviews during big AEW events. Tony Khan expressed his support for the idea and revealed that he is seriously considering implementing it in the future, allowing media to have more access and interaction with the talent on these special occasions.

Given the heavy influence of Ring of Honor (ROH) on All Out, questions were raised about the potential involvement of ROH Women’s champion Athena. Khan responded by stating that if Billie Starkz receives medical clearance, fans can expect to see a match featuring her on the card, most likely on the Zero Hour pre-show.

During the call, someone inquired about the possibility of bundling All In and All Out as a package deal. Khan revealed that he had indeed considered this option, but unfortunately, it did not come to fruition due to issues with the pay-per-view outlets.

Tony Khan also reflected on the success of All In at Wembley and hinted at potential improvements for the set in 2024. However, he emphasized the importance of maintaining primetime seating options for fans and not making the set too extravagant or different.

The conversation shifted to the highly anticipated matchup between Kenny Omega and Konosuke Takeshita. Khan spoke highly of the match and acknowledged that Omega’s unexpected Florida ordeal due to a hurricane disrupted some plans to promote the match on the recent episode of Dynamite. Nevertheless, he expressed hope that Omega would receive some TV time on Rampage or Collision before the pay-per-view on Sunday.

Furthermore, Tony Khan expressed his excitement for the Jon Moxley vs. Orange Cassidy match at All Out. He addressed criticism suggesting that the match should have taken place at All In, explaining that he believed it was a suitable choice for the Chicago crowd.

As we eagerly await All Out this Sunday, fans are hopeful for updates on CM Punk’s potential involvement and eagerly anticipate the thrilling matches that have been meticulously planned for this event.

For a more detailed recap of Tony Khan’s media call, be sure to check out the article on Wrestling Headlines.

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