Tony Khan Reveals Shocking Details Behind Sonny Kiss Contract Departure

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As reported by Wrestling Headlines, Sonny Kiss is now a free agent in the competitive wrestling market after his contract with AEW expired this month. AEW President Tony Khan addressed the situation during a recent media scrum at AEW All Out.

Khan expressed his admiration for Sonny Kiss, stating, “I really like Sonny Kiss. We have a roster of over a hundred wrestlers now across AEW, and Sonny is a great wrestler. That being said, with such a big roster and limited TV spots, I couldn’t re-sign Kiss at this time.”

Khan emphasized that he cannot renew every single contract in AEW due to the large roster and limited TV time. However, he believes that Sonny Kiss has a lot of potential and could potentially return to AEW in the future.

“I think Sonny Kiss could certainly be back potentially, too. We’ve seen wrestlers go on and do some exciting stuff and come back like Stu Grayson, for example. So you never know what the future holds for Sonny Kiss or AEW, but I think Sonny Kiss has a lot of talent and I definitely wish him the best as a wrestler and still really hold Sonny in very high regard. It’s true that I didn’t renew that contract, but not because I don’t like Sonny,” Khan said.

While it’s uncertain what the future holds for Sonny Kiss, his departure from AEW opens up opportunities for him to explore other avenues in the wrestling industry. With his unique in-ring style and charismatic persona, Kiss has the potential to make an impact wherever he lands.

AEW has been known for its commitment to providing a platform for diverse talent, and Sonny Kiss has been a part of that representation. His departure from the company does not diminish his abilities as a wrestler, and fans can look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future.

For the full media scrum with Tony Khan discussing Sonny Kiss’s contract situation, you can watch the video below:

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