Thrilling NXT Mayhem Unveiled: Catch the Action-Packed Results from May 23, 2023!

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On the May 23, 2023 edition of NXT, fans witnessed an intense go-home show in preparation for Battleground. The Women’s Title match was the focus of the night and it was decided in the tournament semifinals between Lyra Valkyria and Cora Jade. Valkyria began the match fast with a small package and a suplex, but Jade fought back with chops and a kick to the back of the head. Meanwhile, Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez also made their presence known, all four women promising to win the title. In addition, the show featured a final push towards the highly anticipated match between Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker. The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida was electric as the wrestlers gave it their all, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating Battleground. In an intense wrestling match, Lyra Valkyria defeated Cora Jade with a spinning kick to the head. Post-match, Jade attacked Valkyria in the knee and hit her with a kendo stick. Meanwhile, Ilja Dragunov attacked Dijak from the back and tried to crush him with a garage door, causing Dijak to get hurt. In another match, Axiom and Dabba-Kato faced each other, but Kato emerged victorious with a sitout chokebomb pinfall at 1:57 after countering Axiom’s moves. Catch all the latest updates and news from the world of professional wrestling only on During a recent NXT show, fans witnessed Axiom deliver an impressive sitout chokebomb, earning him a well-deserved victory. However, the celebrations didn’t last long as Kato continued to attack Axiom after the match. Fortunately, Reggie intervened and low bridged Kato to the floor. Despite Reggie’s help, Axiom was left unsure about his new ally’s intentions.

Meanwhile, Tony D’Angelo found himself in hot water as he was questioned by the police about his involvement in various investigations. D’Angelo repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, even when presented with video evidence from an informant. The situation escalated quickly as more information came to light, leaving D’Angelo listening in on the conversation from outside the interrogation room.

In other news, a video package was shown highlighting Carmelo Hayes’ victory over Bron Breakker for the NXT title at Stand & Deliver. However, Breakker wasn’t going down without a fight and has since gone on a vicious attack on Hayes and his friend, Trick Williams, leading up to their rematch at Battleground.

Also on the show were Gallus, who expressed their frustration with other teams, including Tony and the Creed Brothers, coming after their titles. Speaking of the Creed Brothers, they rudely interrupted Gallus during their interview, setting the stage for what could be an intense rivalry.

Stay up to date with all the latest NXT action and news at prowrestlingw In a recent event, tensions ran high as The Creeds challenged their opponents to a brawl, with Joe Coffey and Stacks getting involved. However, the match was not official, and Gallus was cleared out. Meanwhile, Wes Lee, the titleholder, expressed his concerns about the growing competition for the title. Tyler Bate, a friend of Lee, tried to reassure him, but Lee was still unsure. Later in the event, Lee provided commentary as Bate faced off against Eddy Thorpe. Bate started with a wrist lock, but Thorpe quickly retaliated with a headlock. The match continued with both wrestlers displaying their technical skills. Bate managed to gain a two-count with a small package, but Thorpe quickly cut him off with a kick to the back. Despite Thorpe’s best efforts, Bate’s elbow to the face earned him the victory. In a non-title match between Noam Dar and Nathan Frazer, Dar started by focusing on Frazer’s wrist, but Frazer quickly gained control, dodging Dar’s moves. After kicking him out to the floor, Dar was seen near the Heritage Cup during the commercial break. Upon return, Dar broke up Frazer’s springboard maneuver and took over by stomping on Frazer’s arm. However, Frazer was able to strike back and execute an impressive AJ Styles springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT. Despite his efforts, Frazer was unable to secure a victory as Dar ultimately won the match. In other news, Tyler Bate defeated Eddy Thorpe and was then attacked by Joe Gacy post-match. Lyra Valkyria is ready for Battleground and hopes to face off against the best in NXT, Roxanne Perez. In a recent match between Nathan Frazer and Noam Dar, Frazer emerged victorious after hitting a Phoenix splash. The match saw both wrestlers putting up a great show with Frazer hitting a superkick and Dar responding with a spinning elbow to the face. However, a distraction caused by Dragon Lee, who came out to admire the cup, allowed Frazer to hit a suicide dive and eventually finish the match with a Phoenix splash. In another event, Ilja Dragunov is all set to face Dijak at Battleground. The two wrestlers got into a fight, and it took the entire locker room to separate them. Meanwhile, Carmelo Hayes also made a comeback to Boston and promoted Battleground through a media tour. Stay tuned for more updates on In an intense matchup, Hank Walker and Tank Ledger took on each other, displaying their impressive wrestling skills. Even though they are friends, they did not hold back and started with a series of brawls. Although Ledger had the upper hand initially, Walker bounced back and hit a splash in the corner and then both wrestlers went for crossbodies. In the end, it was Walker who came out on top, pinning Ledger at 2:44. However, their celebration was short-lived as Bron Breakker ran in and speared them both down. Later, The Creeds thanked Stacks for his help earlier and declined his offer of assistance at Battleground as they have everything under control, even offering Stacks and Tony D’Angelo the first shot at them. In another segment, Gigi Dolin talked about her background and how she struggled with trusting people, especially after her fallout with Jacy Jayne. In a recent promo, tensions between Jayne and Dolin escalated as Jayne brought up Dolin’s brother. Dolin responded by pointing out that they are currently tied, but Jayne accused her of pandering to her social media fan base. To settle the score, the two will face off in a weaponized cage match. Meanwhile, Luca Crusifino and Von Wagner also clashed, with Crusifino promising legal action against Wagner. In the end, Wagner was able to send Crusifino outside the ring but Crusifino came back strong with a hiptoss neckbreaker. A video was also shown detailing the Heritage Cup rules, including Dragon Lee’s challenge to Noam Dar. Dar unsuccessfully tried to recruit Oro Mensah’s help against Lee, only to be laughed at by Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson. Fans can keep up with all the latest pro wrestling news and matches on In the latest episode of NXT, we saw a lot of intense action and drama. The first match was between Luca Crusifino and Von Wagner, which ended in a DQ after Wagner brutally attacked Luca. Even after the match, Wagner didn’t stop and powerbombed Luca onto the announcers’ table. Meanwhile, Tony D’Angelo was under interrogation, and he was ultimately arrested. The Women’s Title Tournament Semifinals was also a highlight of the night, with Tiffany Stratton taking on Roxanne Perez. Perez got the early advantage with a test of strength, but Stratton soon fought back. The action outside the ring saw Perez executing a dropkick on Stratton. The match was intense and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Fans can get more updates on, the home of professional wrestling news. In this hard-hitting match, Roxanne Perez faced off against Tiffany Stratton in a battle that saw both competitors pull out all the stops. Perez delivered a powerful suicide dive, followed by another for good measure. However, Stratton was not to be outdone, rolling through a crossbody and missing a triple jump moonsault. Perez continued to dominate with right hands, but Stratton managed to hit a Sky High for a close two-count. The two wrestlers then went up to the top rope, with Perez executing a superb hurricanrana, followed by a Russian legsweep for another near-fall. Stratton took advantage of a pause in the action to adjust her top, before hitting the Regal Roll and then finishing off Perez with the Prettiest Moonsault Ever to secure the victory at 9:41.
Later on, Lyra Valkyria and Tiffany Stratton engaged in a war of words before a masked woman appeared and attacked Roxanne Perez. The attacker fled the scene before Valkyria could get her hands on her. Meanwhile, Dijak arrived to sign hold harmless papers for his upcoming match with Ilja Dragunov, but was instead ambushed by Dragunov. Despite the attack, Dijak managed to fight back and send Dragunov into the barricade before signing the papers. Stay tuned to for more updates on these ongoing storylines. target=”_blank” where he covers the latest news and rumors in the world of professional
At the Battleground event, the crowd witnessed some amazing matches and impressive victories. Lyra Valkyria defeated Cora Jade with a spinning kick to the head, while Dabba-Kato emerged victorious against Axiom with a sitout chokebomb. Tyler Bate also put on a great show, defeating Eddy Thorpe with a Tyler Driver 97. Nathan Frazer pulled off an impressive Phoenix splash to defeat Noam Dar, and Hank Walker scored a victory over Tank Ledger with a crossbody. However, the match between Luca Crusifino and Von Wagner ended in a disqualification when Wagner attacked Crusifino in the ropes. The night ended with Tiffany Stratton showcasing the Prettiest Moonsault Ever to defeat Roxanne Perez. Overall, Battleground was a thrilling event that left the crowd wanting more. Stay tuned to for the latest news and updates in the world of professional wrestling. Looking for the latest NXT results? Look no further than! While other websites may offer additional resources, has everything you need to stay up to date on the latest NXT matches and news. Don’t miss out on exclusive content – sign up for the Wrestling Rumors daily newsletter, available only on Keep up with the latest rumors and updates in the world of professional wrestling, all in one convenient location.

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