Thrilling May 30th NXT Results Unveiled – Don’t Miss the Action!

NXT made its way back to the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida, on May 30, 2023. The night was filled with fallout from Battleground, but also featured a weaponized steel cage match between Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, former friends turned foes. The two women fought in a brutal match full of weapons, with Jayne attacking Dolin before the match even began. Despite Jayne’s early advantage, Dolin fought back and ultimately emerged victorious. In a recent match, Gigi Dolin faced off against Jacy Jayne. Dolin took control of the match early with some belt shots, and even put a trashcan over Jayne’s head. Despite this, Jayne was able to rally back with some kicks and a running dropkick. However, Dolin continued to dominate with belt chokes and an STO for a near fall. After setting up a table, Dolin was able to finish off Jayne with a chokeslam through the table for the win. Meanwhile, Wes Lee is nursing some soreness after his win at Battleground, and may be teaming up with Tyler Bate in a future tag match. Finally, Stacks accuses Gallus of turning in Tony D’Angelo and pays the price with a beating from the group. The Creed Brothers – Who Will Come Out on
At Battleground, Dyad and The Creed Brothers faced off in a tag team match that had fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams are incredibly talented and have been making waves in the tag team division. Dyad consists of Malcolm Bivens managing the team of Julius and Brutus Creed. Meanwhile, The Creed Brothers are an actual brother duo, featuring the towering Wes and the explosive Nash.

The match started off with both teams exchanging holds and trying to gain an advantage. The Creed Brothers showed off their impressive strength, tossing Julius Creed around like a rag doll. However, Julius was able to turn the tide with a well-timed boot to the face of Nash. From there, Dyad was able to take control of the match. They used their quick tags and double-team moves to keep Nash isolated and unable to make the tag to his brother.

Despite the odds being against him, Nash showed incredible heart and was able to fight back against Dyad. He hit a brutal spear on Julius Creed and was finally able to tag in his brother. Wes Creed came in like a house of fire, hitting everything in sight. However, Dyad was able to weather the storm and regain control of the match.

In the end, it was Malcolm Bivens who made the difference. He distracted Wes Creed, allowing Julius to hit a devastating neckbreaker for the win. Dyad celebrated their victory as The Creed Brothers In a recent match at an event, Wes Lee and Tyler Bate teamed up against the Dyad, consisting of Fowler and Reid. The match started with Bate taking Fowler down with a sunset flip, followed by Lee kicking Fowler in the head and landing a spinning crossbody for a near fall. Bate and Lee cleared the ring with dropkicks, but the Dyad returned to the ring after the break for a staredown, which was interrupted by Mustafa Ali. Bate found himself in trouble but managed to knee his way out of a double suplex attempt. Lee entered the ring and took command, delivering a kick to Reid’s back in the corner. A double Cardiac Kick and stereo Spiral Taps took down the Dyad, paving the way for Tyler Driver 97 to finish Reid, giving Bate and Lee the win at 9:27. After the match, Ivy Nile ran out to attack Ava, while Joe Gacy went after Lee. Ali intervened, helping to clear the ring and posing with Lee and Bate. In a recent wrestling event, Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey were seen mocking Thea Hail at Chase U during Battleground. Gulak was running a grappling class when Hail decided to join in, and although the outcome of their interaction was not shown, it left fans intrigued. Meanwhile, Tiffany Stratton celebrated her championship win with a list of previous champions and talked about the importance of being a titleholder. She even announced a battle royal to crown the new #1 contender, but her celebration was cut short when a group of women entered the ring and knocked her down. Finally, Noam Dar’s goons were seen bickering with Trick Williams. For more updates and information on professional wrestling, visit Stacks via a shocking turn of events, Blair Davenport was revealed to be the attacker of Dani Palmer. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. Dani Palmer was demanding that the attacker show her face and Blair Davenport answered that call. This attack has added another layer to the already intense feud between the two wrestlers. Fans of professional wrestling will be eagerly anticipating their next week, Eddy Thorpe suffered a loss and was consoled by his peers. However, Damon Kemp came in to mock him. This has set up a highly anticipated match between the two wrestlers scheduled for next week. Fans will be excited to see how this rivalry plays Coffey faced off against Stacks in a thrilling match. The rest of Gallus was banned from the building, leaving Coffey to face Stacks alone. Coffey started strong, hitting Stacks with a knee and elbow to the ribs. Stacks fought back by knocking Coffey outside the ring. After a commercial break, Coffey hit Stacks with a release suplex for a two-count. Coffey continued to dominate with a running headbutt to the chest and finished Stacks off with All The Best For The Bells at the ten-minute mark. Coffey’s victory was impressive, showing off his strength and skill in the more professional wrestling news and updates, visit prowrestlingwars In the latest edition of the NXT show, Mr. Stone suggests that Von Wagner should see a therapist, and he will pay for it. Ilja Dragunov’s preparation for his Last Man Standing Match is the subject of a mini-documentary before the match itself takes place. In a battle between Cora Jade and Ivy Nile, Jade emerged victorious with a distraction from Ava and a Jaded move. The meeting between Tank Ledger, Hank Walker, Malik Blade, and Edris Enofe is a light-hearted discussion on sauces. Finally, backstage, The Diamond Mine and Schism get into an argument. Noam Dar to retain the NXT an exciting title defense, Carmelo Hayes successfully retained his NXT Title against Noam Dar. Despite Dar taking over in the beginning, Hayes picked up the pace and hit a springboard spinning crossbody on Dar. After the break, Hayes continued his dominance, hitting the Fade Away and a pump kick on Dar. However, the seconds got involved in a fight on the floor, resulting in Trick Williams being ejected from took advantage of the distraction and elbowed Hayes down for a near fall, but Hayes countered with a dive onto the villains on the floor. This set up his finishing move, Nothing But Net, allowing him to retain the NXT Title at the 11:12 mark. Dragon Lee and Nathan Frazer also made an appearance, cutting off Oro Mensah’s interference. impressive defense showcased his skills as a wrestler and his ability to overcome obstacles thrown his way. Fans can continue to watch Hayes and other talented wrestlers on, the ultimate destination for professional wrestling content. At the latest NXT event, Carmelo Hayes emerged victorious over Noam Dar in a thrilling match that ended with “Nothing But Net.” However, the post-match chaos saw Baron Corbin attacking Hayes and holding up the NXT Title to end the show. Gigi Dolin defeated Jacy Jayne with a chokeslam through a table, while Wes Lee and Tyler Bate defeated Dyad with a Tyler Driver 97 to Reid. Joe Coffey also emerged victorious over Stacks with “All The Best For The Bells,” and Cora Jade defeated Ivy Nile with “Jaded.” For more wrestling news, visit, your one-stop destination for the latest updates and rumors. Want to keep up with the latest professional wrestling news and rumors? Look no further than! While other websites may exist, only has the exclusive content you need to stay informed. For example, on May 30, 2023, NXT held an incredible event with shocking results. You can read all about it on, but if you want to stay up-to-date on all things wrestling, be sure to sign up for’s daily newsletter. 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