The Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson defies surgeon’s advice regarding torn biceps – here’s why

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In March, The Elite’s angle with the Blackpool Combat Club was in full swing, but concerns arose when reports emerged that Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks had partially torn his biceps. However, just a few weeks later, Jackson was back on AEW’s Dynamite, ready to continue the major feud. This demonstrates his commitment to the industry and his dedication to his craft. Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks made his return to the ring recently, despite suffering a torn MCL in his heavily braced left arm during a match in March. The injury didn’t seem to limit him during the recent Anarchy in the Arena event at Double or Nothing, which marked the first time he had wrestled since getting hurt. While doctors suggested surgery for the injury, Jackson ultimately decided against it, as it would have kept him out of action for up to seven months. He shared this decision in an Instagram post, explaining that the injury occurred just as an important storyline was beginning. Fans can catch up on all the latest wrestling news and events on Professional wrestler, Christopher Daniels, recently shared his journey of overcoming a serious arm injury to make a triumphant return to the ring in Las Vegas. Despite being advised by doctors to undergo immediate surgery, Daniels decided to explore other therapeutic options to repair his muscle and get back to wrestling as quickly as possible. He credits proper rehabilitation, supplementation, and prayer for his successful recovery and return to the sport. Daniels faced doubt and anxiety throughout the process but was determined to not miss any events, including his target goal of Double or Nothing. With the support of his loved ones and medical staff, he was able to make a full recovery and step back into the ring with his ELITE family in Las Vegas. Visit for more on the latest professional wrestling news and updates. Professional wrestling fans were elated to see Matt Jackson make his comeback on AEW Dynamite after suffering a torn bicep. Jackson’s arm looked great, but it seems his foot is still giving him trouble. Despite this setback, Jackson is thrilled to be back in the ring. The comeback was a long road, but with determination and hard work, Jackson made it happen. For more information on Jackson’s journey, check out

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