The Undertaker Commends Roman Reigns on Stellar Performance: I Couldn’t Be More Proud

In a recent interview with the Independent, The Undertaker praised WWE’s current Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns for his phenomenal job over the last three years. The Deadman credits the company for giving Reigns a 1,000+ day championship run, which is arguably one of the greatest runs ever. Undertaker likes this old-school move of having the title for a long time and thinks Reigns deserves to be called the man as he has the claim to fame now. When asked if Reigns is the greatest of all time, Undertaker says that is subjective, but Reigns certainly has the right to make that claim considering how strong WWE has been doing business-wise. Undertaker admits he would love to wrestle this version of Reigns as he was not even close to this level when they last met at WrestleMania 33. You can read about that here. The Undertaker’s acknowledgment of his Tribal Chief is a testament to the hard work and dedication Reigns has put into his career.

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