The Next Championship in LA Knight’s Crosshairs Revealed – Full Story Inside!

We love LA Knight around these parts, so his revelation on Friday Night SmackDown in Denver this past week, that he will be going for a championship, no matter which one it is or who is holding it, has made everyone at the Cageside offices very happy.

Now, we must ask a question. What title should he be going after?

He named off all the singles champions in his promo on this, so we’ll stick with those four as the main options. Here, then, is a poll for you to cast your vote:

I’m ruling out Mysterio right away, considering Knight was already tied up with the U.S. title a bit and that was never going to go anywhere. Plus, it’s the least prestigious among this list.

GUNTHER presents an interesting challenge, considering he just broke the record for the longest Intercontinental title reign and the dichotomy between the wrestler and entertainer could be a lot fun.

Seth Rollins would undoubtedly give him the best match of his short WWE career and represents his best chance to win a major title.

And then there’s Roman Reigns, the crown jewel of the roster, the mountain no wrestler has been able to climb for years now. As much as I love LA Knight, I can’t imagine he would be the guy to end Roman’s three-year reign as The Head of the Table. Even if he wouldn’t, though, it sure would be something to see what kind of story they could tell here.

Even under the assumption he would lose, I might be voting Reigns here.



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LA Knight Considers Going After WWE Championship

LA Knight, the charismatic superstar of WWE, has recently made a bold statement on Friday Night SmackDown in Denver. He announced that he will be going after a championship, regardless of who holds it or which title it is. This declaration has created excitement among fans and the wrestling community.

In his promo, LA Knight mentioned all the current singles champions in WWE, sparking speculation about which title he should pursue. The options include the United States Championship, currently held by Rey Mysterio, the Intercontinental Championship held by GUNTHER, the charismatic and record-breaking superstar, the highly coveted major title held by Seth Rollins, and the prestigious WWE Championship held by Roman Reigns.

Wrestling enthusiasts have been engaged in a lively debate about which championship LA Knight should target. To gauge the opinion of fans, a poll has been created to gather their votes and preferences.

Eliminating the United States Championship from the options, it is clear that LA Knight’s recent involvement with the title makes it less appealing. The focus now shifts to the Intercontinental Championship, which GUNTHER recently claimed after breaking the record for the

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