The new Lacey Evans finally arrived

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After spending weeks hyping her return with a new character, then announcing it, then forgetting about it, then spending a couple more weeks hyping it again, the new Lacey Evans finally arrived on Friday Night SmackDown this week in Laredo, Texas.

She beat up Jazmin Allure, submitting her with the Cobra Clutch that was a staple of the final vignettes before her arrival. She drove home her new persona in a promo after:

“Y’all sound so mad! I’m the one with the mic. Y’all are really gonna be mad tomorrow when I take this bicep, this forearm, lock it around 29 other women, throw ’em over the top rope at my feet where they belong! In fact, all you losers here in Laredo get off your butt, on your feet, and salute your soon to be Royal Rumble winner.”

Who knows how she does in the Royal Rumble match but this was a pretty good start for this new character.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:


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