The EST makes history… thanks to Bayley

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She’s probably about to turn her red belt in for a blue one, but either way Bianca Belair came into Backlash looking to become the longest reigning Women’s champion in modern WWE history.

The champ and challenger IYO SKY were greeted by a red hot San Juan, Puerto Rico crowd — on that was firmly on the side of Damage CTRL’s high flier.

But everyone was surprised to when SKY broke out her ground game, no one more than The EST. IYO controlled the action as she targeted Belair’s left arm.

Her “wounded” wing limited the champ’s power game, but it didn’t shut it down completely. That was never more evident then when she lifted SKY with one arm and dropped her face-first to the mat. That and a follow-up springboard moonsault could only get two, however.

Countering a powerbomb into a facebuster, IYO returned the favor a short time later. But that and a follow-up moonsault to the floor couldn’t get three either. By the time Belair countered a super-hurricanrana into a super powerbomb, no one could contain their excitement — in the building or at home.

SKY’s teammates Bayley & Dakota Kai were out at that point, and their interference looked like it had us on the cusp of a title change. But when Damage CTRL’s leader was caught holding Belair’s braid while IYO set-up for a top rope moonsault, referee Jason Ayers caught her. That gave the champ time to recover, evade the move and hit her K-O-D finish.

So Bianca gets the record, and SKY got to show out… and gets to blame her teammate for costing her the match with unnecessary interference.

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