The Boss: Former WWE Creative Director Reveals How He Made Vince McMahon Break Down In Tears

They got to the boss. Vince McMahon is perhaps the most unique personality in the history of wrestling. With so many stories about McMahon’s odd quirks, it is hard to imagine just how out there he can go at times. It is rare to see him getting into a more traditional emotion, but now we are hearing a story about something McMahon saw that made him break down in tears.

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During an appearance on the Insiders podcast, former WWE Creative Director David Sahadi talked about making a video in the late 1990s that focused on wrestlers from past generations. McMahon was said to have hated the idea as the company was focusing on the current stars at the time. Sahadi said that McMahon eventually watched it and broke down in tears, thanking Sahadi for the video. Sahadi believes that McMahon felt that the video was a passing of the torch from what his father was doing to what he was currently doing.

There have been some great history packages in WWE history. Check out some of the better ones, including the one that made McMahon cry:

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Opinion: I can see this happening, as McMahon is a lot of things, but he certainly seems to love wrestling in a lot of ways. Being able to make someone as powerful as McMahon break down in tears over his emotional reaction to a movie is rather impressive and I’m not actually surprised. While McMahon causes some headaches for a lot of people, it matters to have him give this kind of reaction to something about wrestling’s history.

What do you think of McMahon’s reaction? What is your favorite WWE history video? Let us know in the comments below.

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