Teddy Long Explains Why He Was ‘Shocked’ By Hall Of Fame Call

By /Jan. 28, 2023 7:30 am EST

The recent “Raw Is XXX” special edition show featured a plethora of legendary wrestlers who have made an impact on the business, but it also included one man who is best known for his work as a General Manager, Teddy Long. He is someone the company still brings in and honors regularly, and that was the case in 2017 when WWE decided to induct him into the Hall Of Fame, recognizing his work as a GM, manager, and referee. 

However, Long admitted to “Mailbag Monday with Mike Chioda” that it was “really a surprise” when someone phoned him up to reveal that he was going to be inducted, which is mainly because he didn’t think non-wrestlers got that opportunity. “I thought the Hall Of Fame was for wrestlers, guys that take bumps and you know what I mean, put their bodies on the line,” he said. “I thought those guys deserved it because they put in a lot of hard work on their bodies each and every night. So, for me to get that it was just a surprise to me.”

Long took on a wide range of different roles throughout his time in the business, and Long revealed that he “always tried to do my job” when he was asked by Vince McMahon, regardless of whatever his former boss wanted him to do.

“I never barked about anything because I knew this, whatever Vince asked you to do he would do it himself, so how’re you gonna tell him no,” he questioned. “Just to get that bestowed upon me was one of the happiest times of my life man and I treasure that as of this day. I thank the WWE Universe, I thank God, and I especially thank Vince McMahon for giving me that opportunity.”

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