Taichi and SHO Unveil Exciting KOPW Strategies for Epic Kobe Showdown on September 24!

A heated rivalry between Taichi and SHO has reached its boiling point as they set the stage for their upcoming matchup at KOPW 2023 in Kobe. The tension between these two competitors was palpable during a recent live ‘press conference’ stream on Taichi’s YouTube channel.

Taichi wasted no time in outlining his proposed rules for the match. One of the most intriguing stipulations is the ‘Seconds handcuffed’ match, where members of both the HOUSE OF TORTURE and Just 5 Guys factions will be handcuffed to one another. This includes EVIL being handcuffed to SANADA, DOUKI to Yujiro Takahashi, and TAKA Michinoku to Dick Togo. If any participant manages to break free from their handcuffs, the match will be declared a no contest.

On the other hand, SHO presented his own set of rules, emphasizing the sacredness of the rules of pro-wrestling. He proposed a 10-minute guaranteed decision match, where if the time limit elapses, he will be declared the winner. Additionally, Taichi will be banned from using his devastating move, the Black Mephisto. SHO also reserved the right to add further rules based on the weight difference between him and Taichi or other circumstances that may arise.

The clash between these two competitors continued as SHO made a late entrance to the press conference. Despite his tardiness, SHO stood firm in his belief that rules must be followed. However, Taichi, ever the opportunist, noticed some fine print in SHO’s rules and demanded clarification.

The intensity in the room escalated as Taichi expressed his thoughts on banning the HOUSE OF TORTURE from ringside. However, he ultimately decided against it, stating that they would find a way to interfere regardless. Taichi seemed confident that even with the presence of his rivals, they would be rendered powerless.

With both competitors standing their ground and presenting their respective rule sets, the press conference quickly came to an end, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the upcoming match. The fate of the stipulations lies in the hands of the fans, who will have the opportunity to vote for either Taichi’s ‘Seconds handcuffed’ match or SHO’s 10-minute guaranteed decision match starting Thursday, September 14 at 10 AM JST. Voting will remain open for a 72-hour period.

This clash between Taichi and SHO promises to be a battle of wills and a test of endurance. The unique stipulations proposed by both competitors add an extra layer of excitement to an already heated rivalry. Who will emerge victorious in this high-stakes matchup at KOPW 2023 in Kobe? Only time will tell.

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