Stevie Richards Reveals the Shocking Truth Behind Nia Jax’s Disastrous WWE Comeback

Nia Jax’s WWE Return Criticized by Stevie Richards

Nia Jax’s WWE Return Criticized by Stevie Richards

Nia Jax made her return to WWE on last Monday’s episode of Raw, and her actions have already caused quite a stir. Jax attacked Raquel Rodriguez, which ultimately led to Rhea Ripley retaining her World Women’s Title. However, instead of aligning herself with Ripley, Jax targeted the top star.

It appears that Jax will be competing for the title soon, as her return has put her back in the spotlight. Since her release from WWE in 2021, Jax has mostly been out of the public eye, except for her participation in the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Former WWE star Stevie Richards recently shared his thoughts on Jax’s return in a video on his YouTube channel. Richards analyzed the segment and pointed out what he believed went wrong during the altercation.

“This is an excellent shot of Nia on the second rope, about to come off onto Rhea,” Richards explained. “I was hoping for something like a Vader Splash, still snug and tight, but essentially safe. That’s not what happened. I want to show you frame by frame what’s wrong with this. As she’s jumping off, her hands should stay on the rope to protect Rhea Ripley and not crush her ribs.”

Richards continued, “So, she comes down and watch this. She could hold on, but she lets go. Even if it’s just the last second, all her weight is coming down on Rhea Ripley, crushing her. It’s just unnecessary, and I’m going to explain why. You have a girl who’s the champion, the top draw as a women’s wrestler, and you’re putting her in a position like this to get injured.”

These comments from Stevie Richards shed light on the potential dangers of Nia Jax’s return and the risks involved in her in-ring actions. It is crucial for wrestlers to prioritize the safety of their opponents, especially when they are top stars like Rhea Ripley.

While Jax’s return has created excitement among fans, it is essential for WWE to ensure that the matches and segments involving her are carefully planned and executed to minimize the risk of injury. The safety of the performers should always be the top priority.

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